Online Scout Manager

OSM loginWe use Online Scout Manager(OSM) to manage the contact details of our members, to keep in touch and we also collect any payments through this platform via GoCardless Direct Debit payment.

It is therefore necessary for all of our members to create an account with OSM and we can assist with this or send you an invitation to join OSM.


Logging in to OSM

If you already have an account with OSM click here to login.


Creating an Account with OSM

If you don't currently have an account and have been in touch with one of our section leaders they will send you an invitation to create an account with OSM or you can create an account directly by clicking here to join our waiting list (we will then transfer your account into the appropriate section).


Paying Subs and making other payments

OSM pageWe collect all subs using GoCardless Direct Debit which can be setup in OSM.

To do this firstly login to your OSM account and then click on 'Payments' and then the 'Create Subscription' link in the top-right.

This will then open up the Direct Debit setup page with GoCardless.

All that is required to setup the debit is your bank account sort code and account number.

If there are any other payments due these will also be listed on the 'Payments' page and will have a 'Pay Now' button.

Note: by clicking on the Pay Now button this will not setup a mandate for recurring payment of subs and will just be for the amount specified.

Once you have created a subscription you will see the 'Via Subscription' icon next to the subs payment.

To cancel the monthly direct debit login to OSM and click on 'Cancel Payment Authority'